• Visiting Wall

    Events are cancelled due to COVID19, but we miss our climbers too much - so we had to get a mobile wall and go visit them!

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    Big Air Jumpers pulling up with the Visiting Wall in the Cul-de-Sac

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    Some serious climbing happening...

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    Sometimes we just enjoy that someone is helping us up.

  • Recurring ZOOM event: Sundays, 3:00 pm

    Family Social

    Email autismclimbs@gmail.com to sign up

    1) Mindbender

    2) Show-and-tell

    3) Adult chat

    We start with a short mind bender, then the kids do show-and-tell. They can share a pet, a lego project, arts and crafts, a tour around their garden, or anything they would like to talk about.

    Once the kids are past their attention span, adults hang on and talk about anything and everything. There are also breakout rooms for 1:1 or small group conversations.

  • climbing Lessons at ABC Kids

    We are excited to now offer Private and Small Group Instruction in cooperation with ABC Kids Climbing. AMGA certified instructors with autism-specific experience teach a modified curriculum, incorporating kids' OT and social goals. Parents may choose their involvement level, siblings and peers are welcome to join.


    Contact us below and answer a few questions if you are interested!

  • 9/14 Estes Park

    Let's spend a day in Estes Park, have a picnic and climb with Mike Caldwell!

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    Let's drive the whole family up to Estes Park and climb, have a picnic and go for a hike!


    We provide gear, an AMGA certified guide as site leader (Mike Caldwell), and one volunteer per two climbers.


    Bring water, a healthy snack, sunscreen and a raincoat.


    Let us know if you'd like to carpool!


    We need to give our volunteers a few days' notice, please sign up as soon as you can!


    Registration closes September 12th.


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    Saturday, September 14th

    10:00 am in Estes Park


    Performance Climbing Park


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  • Recent events

    Thank you all for coming out and having fun!

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    FUN Family Climb at ABC Kids Climbing

    1960 32nd Street, Boulder, CO

    So nice to see the Autism Community again!


    Fun, relaxed free-roam event at ABC. Lots of friends, familiar faces, and fantastic volunteers!


    Thank you to Regis School of Physical Therapy for so many enthusiastic volunteers, thank you to Ben, Tania and Kaitlin, and thank you to ABC Kids Climbing - you guys all make this possible!

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    EVO Kids Night Out

    EVO Kids, Louisville, CO

    Our second drop-off event, this time in the brand-new EVO Kids right downtown Louisville. We had a very sweet group of kids, they all made friends and had fun playing next to as well as with each other ;)  


    Once again, fantastic volunteers from Regis School of Physical Therapy, and EVO staff - thank you Alex, Jason, Mitch, Michelle, Alicia and Sam!

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    11/17/19 FUNdamental at PURE Bouldering Gym

    1401 S. 8th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

    Thank you, PURE Bouldering Gym and Gearonimo!


    Colorado Springs is always fun! From Gearonimo 1 in the 'east side' to stylish Gearonimo 2 plus PURE Bouldering Gym, this place is only getting bigger and better. The outdoor area is under construction, they are planning a full-on expansion, it will be awesome! Thank you PURE/Gearonimo!


    Even with 'only' the inside areas available, everybody had a blast. Thank you to everybody who joined, and special thanks to our fantastic volunteers! Corey and Kora, Jonas, Josh and Elena, Tim, and Regis University Service Learners Leo, Patrick, Alicia and Mitch - thank you all for helping out!

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    11/10/19 FUNdamental at ABC Kids Climbing

    1960 32nd Street, Boulder, CO

    After we had to cancel our Halloween Spooky Climb due to a massive snowstorm, we had to make up for the missed fun with something special - headlamp climbing! We turned most light off in a specific part of the gym and made sure that not too many kids enter all at once. It turned out great!

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    Estes Park with Mike Caldwell

    9/14 Estes Park, Performance Park

    Good call on the location, Mike! This was our first time climbing in Estes Park, but we will do this more - what a wonderful place to enjoy a golden late summer day! Thank you Mike, and Terry for helping getting those ropes up, and thank you friends and families for coming out and joining!

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    Global Climbing Day

    8/24/19 ABC Kids Climbing

    Our biggest event yet - thank you everybody for coming out! This event was so popular that we had to stagger it according to age group, providing younger kids with a less crowded experience. All in all about 200 people joined us at ABC Kids Climbing, and enjoyed Kona Shaved Ice, silent auction, guessing games and activity pass! Once again, thank you ABC Kids, for making this all possible!


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    Outdoor Climb - redirected to Earth Treks Golden!

    Planned for 7/20 at 3:00 pm, this Outdoor Climb had to be cancelled due to lightning and flash flood risk, but we found a warm welcome at Earth Treks Golden instead!

    Thank you to everybody who came out despite the crazy weather! Volunteers and participants showed flexibility and commitment when they drove back down from the canyon and regrouped in Earth Treks Golden.


    And so it was that our first Earth Treks event came about - thank you so much for taking us in!


    We ended up having a lot of fun. Mock lead climbs and belays, ninja warrior type challenges, spacious kids' area, seating where we enjoyed our snacks - this was great!

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    FUNdamental at PURE Bouldering Gym

    1401 S. 8th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

    Thank you, PURE Bouldering Gym and Gearonimo!


    This is just the perfect gym for our kids: nice outdoors area, very playful, easy as well as challenging climbs, and lots of swinging, balancing, and enjoying the sunshine. You can take your kids climbing there any time, and members get 24/7 access to the gym - the joys of being a PURE bouldering gym.


    The adjacent store Gearonimo sells used and new gear, bikes, shoes, skis, boats and whatever you may need for your next adventure. When you go, make sure you say hi to the dog and the dragon...


    Thank you Colorado Springs folks, y'all are awesome!