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    eCourse: Teaching Climbing to Kids with Autism

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  • Autism Climbs in-person staff training

    Autism Climbs offers staff trainings that help climbing gyms to efficiently serve the autism population.

    The staff trainings include practical advice, ideas for meaningful accommodations and sensory teaching materials for truly inclusive climbing gyms. Each participant, as well as the facility, will receive the Autism Climbs Certification.


    Autism Climbs Certified Gyms offer private lessons geared toward pre-climbing activities and preparation for group instruction, along with a variety of thoughtful accommodations for climbers on the spectrum.

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    Autism Climbs Certified Gym

    ABC Kids Climbing

    1960 32nd St, Boulder, CO 80301

    All the staff at ABC has attended the training 'Climbing for Kids with Autism'.

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    "At ABC Kids Climbing, we create an inclusive environment for all of our students. We ensure equal access for children with conditions such as autism or ADHD and provide our instructors with relevant training. Taking part in the workshop "Teaching Climbing to Kids with Autism" was part of this effort. Our instructors found it helpful and inspiring, and our young climbers benefit from our more inclusive environment and targeted instruction." - Karla Lankford, ABC Kids Climbing

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    Autism Climbs Certified Gym

    evo ROCK + FITNESS Louisville

    At evo ROCK + FITNESS Louisville, climbers on the spectrum will experience compassion and inclusion.

  • Certified Gyms

    Here are our Autism Climbs Certified Gyms, where climbers of ALL abilities experience inclusion. These gyms went the extra mile to learn about autism and related sensory issues. They actively strive to understand, include and support climbers on the spectrum.

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    Climbing + Fitness


    is Red Deer’s only dedicated climbing facility. Climbing for all ages and abilities!


    Red Deer, Canada

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    University of Calgary

    Outdoor Centre


    is striving for inclusion.


    Alberta, Canada

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    Salt Pump 

    Climbing Company


    All the Salt Pump instructors did our eCourse and can't wait to put their knowledge to good use!


    Scarborough, ME

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    Vertically Inclined


    offers a wide variety of programs and is happy to accommodate to sensory and special needs.


    Edmonton, Canada

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    Pacific Edge

    Climbing Gym


    Pacific Edge is the premier alternative health club experience in Santa Cruz! Offering rock climbing, yoga, fitness classes and more!

    Santa Cruz, CA


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    Climbing and Fitness


    ORIGIN's Recreational Youth CLUBS are designed to help young climbers explore, learn, and grow in a fun, social and supportive environment. They can climb, play, and just be kids...all while developing their physical and mental fitness with a holistic movement based curriculum and experienced, supportive youth coaches.


    Henderson, NV

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    Central Rock Gym Hadley


    goes the extra mile to be truly inclusive of all climbers. For kids and youth, they offer summer camps, competitive and non-competitive teams, and they accommodate groups and field trips.


    Thank you Central Rock Gym for welcoming the autism community!


    Hadley, MA


  • e-Learning and certification

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