• Autism Climbs empowers

    individuals with autism

    and their families.

    Explore. Bond. Climb!

  • inclusion

    On our journey with autism, we have found allies for inclusion within and beyond the autism community. We also want to be allies within and beyond our own community.


    Learning about autism, we came to understand that those affected by it are always a part of the conversation. The same goes for conversations about social and racial injustice - those affected by it are present and their voices need to be heard.


    One such voice it Tracy Chapman's.

    She has been advocating for justice and change for decades.


    "Hunger only for a taste of justice,

    Hunger only for a word of truth.


    All that you have is your soul."

    Take a listen.

  • Support our Work

    We remove obstacles that keep kids from climbing, including financial obstacles.

    Please consider supporting us!


    Your donation will be used to keep our Sunday Family Event ("FUN Family Climb") FREE, and other programming extremely affordable.


    Thank you!


    Autism Climbs is a Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.

    Our Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is 47-4680885.

    All donations are tax deductible.

  • Recurring ZOOM event: Sundays, 3:00 pm

    Family Social

    Email autismclimbs@gmail.com to sign up

    1) Mindbender

    2) Show-and-tell

    3) Adult chat

    We start with a short mind bender, then the kids do show-and-tell. They can share a pet, a lego project, arts and crafts, a tour around their garden, or anything they would like to talk about.

    Once the kids are past their attention span, adults hang on and talk about anything and everything. There are also breakout rooms for 1:1 or small group conversations.

  • Phil Lewis Chalk Bag: Mount Sanitas

    We are proud to present this Phil Lewis edition chalk bag in support of Autism Climbs!

    As a Boulder based artist, Phil Lewis beautifully captures the essence of Colorado landscapes. We chose Mount Sanitas for our Autism Climbs chalk bags, since it's one of our favorite family hikes. May the good vibes captured here inspire your own climbing adventures!

    More about the artist on phillewisart.com

  • climbing Lessons at ABC Kids

    We are excited to now offer Private and Small Group Instruction in cooperation with ABC Kids Climbing. AMGA certified instructors with autism-specific experience teach a modified curriculum, incorporating kids' OT and social goals. Parents may choose their involvement level, siblings and peers are welcome to join.


    Contact us below and answer a few questions if you are interested!

  • volunteer sign up

    Come volunteer with us - it's a lot of fun!

    Are you a climber? Help us belay kids, clip them into the auto belay, supervise bouldering areas, keep everybody safe.

    Do you love kids, but have no climbing skills? Help us assist kids who need extra attention during our events, set up and supervise the obstacle course and pre-climbing activities, and play away!

  • Autism Climbs Certification

    eCourse: Teaching Climbing to Kids with Autism

    Prepare on the spot

    Look up games, tips and tricks whenever you need them

    PC or mobile app

    Study at home or on the go

  • e-Learning and certification

    Our e-Learning is live!

    Recycled Rope Dog Leash
    Recycled Rope Dog Leash
    It's about time Dustin Dynamite von Schnitzel got involved in our fundraising efforts. After chewing through fences, harnesses and leashes, this escape artist and avid climber settled on a rope leash.

    Here he is on top of Mount Sanitas, enjoying his extra long 7 ft rope leash.

    Free shipping in US and Canada.
    Coming soon
    Phil Lewis Chalk Bag: Mount Sanitas
    Phil Lewis Chalk Bag: Mount Sanitas
    We are proud to present this Phil Lewis edition chalk bag in support of Autism Climbs!

    As a Boulder based artist, Phil Lewis beautifully captures the essence of Colorado landscapes. We chose Mount Sanitas for our Autism Climbs chalk bags, since it's one of our favorite family hikes. May the good vibes captured here inspire your own climbing adventures!

    More about the artist on phillewisart.com

    Delivery takes up to two weeks from your order date.
    Coming soon
    Gym offer
    Gym offer
    After the first four users, we offer a 25% discount.

    Please purchase four full price users first, then add as many users as you'd like here at the discounted rate!
    Coming soon
    e-Course: Teaching Climbing to Kids with Autism
    e-Course: Teaching Climbing to Kids with Autism
    Autism Climbs Certification
    One year unlimited access
    Self-paced, 2-3 hours
    Understanding autism
    Teaching kids with ASD
    Sensory benefits of rock climbing
    Game ideas, tips and tricks, and scenarios
    PC or mobile app
    Coming soon
  • Autism Climbs in-person staff training

    Autism Climbs offers staff trainings that help climbing gyms to efficiently serve the autism population.

    The staff trainings include practical advice, ideas for meaningful accommodations and sensory teaching materials for truly inclusive climbing gyms. Each participant, as well as the facility, will receive the Autism Climbs Certification.


    Autism Climbs Certified Gyms offer private lessons geared toward pre-climbing activities and preparation for group instruction, along with a variety of thoughtful accommodations for climbers on the spectrum.

    Autism Climbs Certified Gym

    ABC Kids Climbing

    1960 32nd St, Boulder, CO 80301

    All the staff at ABC has attended the training 'Climbing for Kids with Autism'.

    "At ABC Kids Climbing, we create an inclusive environment for all of our students. We ensure equal access for children with conditions such as autism or ADHD and provide our instructors with relevant training. Taking part in the workshop "Teaching Climbing to Kids with Autism" was part of this effort. Our instructors found it helpful and inspiring, and our young climbers benefit from our more inclusive environment and targeted instruction." - Karla Lankford, ABC Kids Climbing

    Autism Climbs Certified Gym

    evo ROCK + FITNESS Louisville

    At evo ROCK + FITNESS Louisville, climbers on the spectrum will experience compassion and inclusion.

  • Certified Gyms

    Here are our Autism Climbs Certified Gyms, where climbers of ALL abilities experience inclusion. These gyms went the extra mile to learn about autism and related sensory issues. They actively strive to understand, include and support climbers on the spectrum.


    Climbing + Fitness


    is Red Deer’s only dedicated climbing facility. Climbing for all ages and abilities!


    Red Deer, Canada

    University of Calgary

    Outdoor Centre


    is striving for inclusion.


    Alberta, Canada

    Salt Pump 

    Climbing Company


    All the Salt Pump instructors did our eCourse and can't wait to put their knowledge to good use!


    Scarborough, ME

    Vertically Inclined


    offers a wide variety of programs and is happy to accommodate to sensory and special needs.


    Edmonton, Canada

    Pacific Edge

    Climbing Gym


    Pacific Edge is the premier alternative health club experience in Santa Cruz! Offering rock climbing, yoga, fitness classes and more!

    Santa Cruz, CA



    Climbing and Fitness


    ORIGIN's Recreational Youth CLUBS are designed to help young climbers explore, learn, and grow in a fun, social and supportive environment. They can climb, play, and just be kids...all while developing their physical and mental fitness with a holistic movement based curriculum and experienced, supportive youth coaches.


    Henderson, NV

    Central Rock Gym Hadley


    goes the extra mile to be truly inclusive of all climbers. For kids and youth, they offer summer camps, competitive and non-competitive teams, and they accommodate groups and field trips.


    Thank you Central Rock Gym for welcoming the autism community!


    Hadley, MA


  • Videos

    Autism Climbs actors in the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge! Enjoy!


    Rivalry, fitting in, friendship and community.

    Thank you to Ubergrippen for location, and to Flytuesday and friends for taking the time to get to really know and understand our kids!

  • Recent events

    Thank you all for coming out and having fun!

    FUN Family Climb at ABC Kids Climbing

    1960 32nd Street, Boulder, CO

    So nice to see the Autism Community again!


    Fun, relaxed free-roam event at ABC. Lots of friends, familiar faces, and fantastic volunteers!


    Thank you to Regis School of Physical Therapy for so many enthusiastic volunteers, thank you to Ben, Tania and Kaitlin, and thank you to ABC Kids Climbing - you guys all make this possible!

    EVO Kids Night Out

    EVO Kids, Louisville, CO

    Our second drop-off event, this time in the brand-new EVO Kids right downtown Louisville. We had a very sweet group of kids, they all made friends and had fun playing next to as well as with each other ;)  


    Once again, fantastic volunteers from Regis School of Physical Therapy, and EVO staff - thank you Alex, Jason, Mitch, Michelle, Alicia and Sam!

    11/17/19 FUNdamental at PURE Bouldering Gym

    1401 S. 8th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

    Thank you, PURE Bouldering Gym and Gearonimo!


    Colorado Springs is always fun! From Gearonimo 1 in the 'east side' to stylish Gearonimo 2 plus PURE Bouldering Gym, this place is only getting bigger and better. The outdoor area is under construction, they are planning a full-on expansion, it will be awesome! Thank you PURE/Gearonimo!


    Even with 'only' the inside areas available, everybody had a blast. Thank you to everybody who joined, and special thanks to our fantastic volunteers! Corey and Kora, Jonas, Josh and Elena, Tim, and Regis University Service Learners Leo, Patrick, Alicia and Mitch - thank you all for helping out!

    11/10/19 FUNdamental at ABC Kids Climbing

    1960 32nd Street, Boulder, CO

    After we had to cancel our Halloween Spooky Climb due to a massive snowstorm, we had to make up for the missed fun with something special - headlamp climbing! We turned most light off in a specific part of the gym and made sure that not too many kids enter all at once. It turned out great!

    Estes Park with Mike Caldwell

    9/14 Estes Park, Performance Park

    Good call on the location, Mike! This was our first time climbing in Estes Park, but we will do this more - what a wonderful place to enjoy a golden late summer day! Thank you Mike, and Terry for helping getting those ropes up, and thank you friends and families for coming out and joining!

    Global Climbing Day

    8/24/19 ABC Kids Climbing

    Our biggest event yet - thank you everybody for coming out! This event was so popular that we had to stagger it according to age group, providing younger kids with a less crowded experience. All in all about 200 people joined us at ABC Kids Climbing, and enjoyed Kona Shaved Ice, silent auction, guessing games and activity pass! Once again, thank you ABC Kids, for making this all possible!


    Outdoor Climb - redirected to Earth Treks Golden!

    Planned for 7/20 at 3:00 pm, this Outdoor Climb had to be cancelled due to lightning and flash flood risk, but we found a warm welcome at Earth Treks Golden instead!

    Thank you to everybody who came out despite the crazy weather! Volunteers and participants showed flexibility and commitment when they drove back down from the canyon and regrouped in Earth Treks Golden.


    And so it was that our first Earth Treks event came about - thank you so much for taking us in!


    We ended up having a lot of fun. Mock lead climbs and belays, ninja warrior type challenges, spacious kids' area, seating where we enjoyed our snacks - this was great!

    FUNdamental at PURE Bouldering Gym

    1401 S. 8th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

    Thank you, PURE Bouldering Gym and Gearonimo!


    This is just the perfect gym for our kids: nice outdoors area, very playful, easy as well as challenging climbs, and lots of swinging, balancing, and enjoying the sunshine. You can take your kids climbing there any time, and members get 24/7 access to the gym - the joys of being a PURE bouldering gym.


    The adjacent store Gearonimo sells used and new gear, bikes, shoes, skis, boats and whatever you may need for your next adventure. When you go, make sure you say hi to the dog and the dragon...


    Thank you Colorado Springs folks, y'all are awesome!

  • Thank You to our sponsors and contributors

    You make it all possible!

    The North Face

    Proud and thankful to be grantees of The Explore Fund!


    Autism Society of Boulder County


    UpaDowna - unleash your adventure

    Thank you for sponsoring our mobile climbing wall at the Autism Walk Colorado, Sloan Lake

    ABC Kids Climbing / Boulder

    Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag

    University of Denver

    Cook St. Productions

    Tandem Design Partners

    Thank You to Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling!

    This made our FUNdamental Climbing Workshop 2/19/17 in ABC Kids possible!

    Precision is giving back to the community - through $ 1000 hugs each month, with their "Precision Hugs" program. And the recipient in November was us!


    Thank You, Precision!



    Paul Derda Recreation Center, Broomfield

    Twisted Pine Brewing

    BrainSong - Our kids deserve to experience the arts

    Autism Society of Colorado

    Denver Social Climb

    Lyons Regional Library

    McGuckin Hardware


  • Dog leash fundraiser

    It's about time Dustin Dynamite von Schnitzel got involved in our fundraising efforts. After chewing through fences, harnesses and leashes, this escape artist and avid climber settled on a rope leash.


    Swipe for more info >>>

    Dog leash details

    We make rope leashes from retired climbing ropes. They look good, feel good and are great for strong dogs on long hikes.


    At 7 ft long and $20, they are longer and cheaper than most leashes we found in stores. Shipping included. Leash up your pup!


    Btw, we are always looking for retired rope. If you have one sitting around unused, let us know! Free leash for rope donations!

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  • Our Mission

    Autism Climbs empowers individuals with autism and their families through

    climbing activities, leadership development, and positive breakthroughs.


    Autism Climbs is a Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

    What we do

    We invite families affected by autism to try out rock climbing. We offer events indoors, as well as 1:1 private lessons, kids night out programs and outdoor clinics.


    No matter how we raise our children, enjoying our time together is always the right thing to do!

  • Contact Us!

    Connect with our mission and get involved!


    Call Yisha at: (720) 530 - 3506

    Email us at: autismclimbs@gmail.com

    Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/autismclimbs


    Or send us a message:

  • Who We Are

    We are parents of children and teenagers with autism.

    We are rock climbing enthusiasts.

    We are therapists.

    We are friends.

    Yisha Wagner


    Raising three kids with lots of energy, I really enjoy Colorado. I want my children - and all children, really - to be able to experience the same kind of freedom and peace that I took for granted in my own childhood.


    Born in Austria, MBA from Vienna University of Business and Economics in Sinology and Commerce, exchange student in Paris - INALCO, lived in China and Sweden with husband and three kids before settling down in Colorado.


    AMGA certified Climbing Wall Instructor, President and Co-founder of Autism Climbs 

    Katherine Weadley (left)

    Chief Administrator

    After working as climbing instructor and raising kids with ASD, Katherine returned to her passion for books and knowledge.


    As Director of Lyons Regional Library she is deeply involved with the community and devoted to the creation of knowledge and advancement of technological literacy.


    Katherine's connection to climbing and autism communities puts her into the perfect place to connect the two.

  • What We Do

    Guided support indoors and outdoors along the Colorado Front Range

    Workshops and Lessons

    We provide families with the basic climbing knowledge they need to safely embark on their own climbing adventures, indoors or outdoors.

    • Workshops in various existing climbing gyms (Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs)
    • Guided introductory lessons
    • Outdoor climbing 
    • Encouragement and support for families throughout their climbing development. 

    Contact us for more information

  • Our Story

    The journey to find activities that bond.

    Rock Climbing benefits children & parents.

    When parents of children with special needs meet, they have a lot to talk about. The challenges, the worries, the struggles… but what about enjoying our kids?


    Finding activities that benefit both children and parents, building trust, being on a team and having fun together - this is how we thrive!


    Caring for children with autism can be challenging and exhausting, and we all have to make our own decisions on treatments and therapies. We learned that there will never be one single answer, what works for one child might not work for another. But enjoying our precious time together will always be the right thing to do.


    Having understood the importance of joint activities, we tried out several sports. While every activity is beneficial, our experience with rock climbing stands out.


    Without many words, we are literally tied together- into the same rope. Up and down we go, again and again with a single focus. With every ascent, we strengthen our ability to take on whatever challenge comes our way, using our minds together with our whole bodies to figure out how to conquer the wall.

    We want to share rock climbing's therapeutic effect with You.

    Rock climbing keeps having a therapeutic effect on us. Knowing exactly what to do with minimal instructions provides mental relief, the undisturbed focus on our own movements and the stimulation from strenuous exercise helps us grow and thrive.


    Our family has benefited so much from climbing that we want to share this with you and encourage every family on the spectrum to enjoy the journey.


    So let’s get out, let’s explore nature, let’s push our own mental and physical limits!


    Climb on!


  • Why Rock Climbing?

    Unique Benefits

    Climbing offers many unique benefits. It stimulates the mind, strengthens the body and provides a great opportunity to build a strong bond based on encouragement, trust and success.

    New Adventures

    By presenting people with the opportunity to climb, but also teaching them safety and basic technique we encourage them to take on a new hobby and embark on their own adventures.


    We are confident that some kids will take it all the way to the competitive level, experiencing success and providing the autism community with an additional source of pride.

  • Climb On!

    Autism Climbs is a Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

    Our Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is 47-4680885. All donations are tax deductible.